half carrot (if it is a large carrot)
about 2  tablespoons of cranberry juice
about 3 tablespoons of frozen blueberries
about 1.5 tablespoon  mix of flaxseeds and chia 
4 pecan nuts
a handful of spinach
a half cup of almond milk, or more depending on how thick you prefer your smoothie to be (no sugar)
4 tablespoons or more of half full biogard

Here are additional natural boosters of the immune system with some anti-cancer effect all of which I add to the smoothie.

  • Prescribed – 5 drops of Iodine solution (consult your doctor before using this)
  • Self-prescribed – a teaspoon of CHAGA Mushroom powder (Mattison)
  • Prescribed – a half pipette of Turkey Tail 

 Just put everything into your Smoothie Bottle and mix away! Of course, all ingredients can be increased or decreased. I drink slowly and consciously all with 1 hour.  

Before I start drinking I dissolve 2,5 spoons (comes with the package) of vitamin c powder (prescribed 322 magnesium ascorbaat) dissolved in a quarter glass of warm water. 

I sip it alongside my smoothie.

I also use prescribed supplements before and after the smoothie.



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