One day I was healthy and vibrant with a succesful coach practice and just about to start a second business, and the next I was a sick woman with a ravaging and rare disease that will most certainly end her life. On December 8th 2021 I changed the way I eat, work, think, play, love, rest… I flipped the switch. Shortly after that I felt a great need to share this with you and to be of meaning for as long as I can.

Because this is not only a rare but also an extremely aggressive form of cancer.  Just 50 women in The Netherlands and, in the USA just 3000, are diagnosed annually and with a sadly low survival rate.
I want to bring attention to this disease and to the women whose lives are being turned upside down and torn apart in a battle with almost no triumphs.




  • 2021: E-mail marketing
  • 2020: Double Helix: Afweervormen in organisaties.
  • 2020: NOLOC/CMI Hercertificering Loopbaanprofessional
  • 2020: Mezrab school of storytelling: How to create personal stories.
  • 2019: Wandelcoach opleiding in december bij Mindful Run Nederland.
  • 2019: Theatersport 1 Theaterschool Utrecht.
  • 2018: Congres Positieve Psychologie: Positief Leiderschap
  • 2018: Studie Narrative Coaching Dr. David Drake
  • 2018: Starten Certificering Master Certified Coach International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • 2018: Rebranding Impact Stories
  • 2018: Masterclass Vloggen & Video Editing
  • 2017: Noloc Loopbaancongres
  • 2017: Leergang Chief Storytelling afgerond (2 jaren – Storytelling Academy) – Hero’s Journey, Verhaalinterventie, Corporate en Purpose Storytelling, Archetypen, Improvisatie, Vertelkracht.
  • 2016: Congres Positieve Psychologie – Zin van werk en leven
  • 2016: Bachelor Apprentice Storyteller
  • 2016: Vertelkracht
  • 2016: Officieel Linkedin Ambassadeur
  • 2015: Noloc Loopbaancongres
  • 2015: Masterclass Corporate Storytelling (Storytelling Matters)
  • 2014: Certificering Register Loopbaancoach ( hoogste niveau C) – Career Management Instituut – 3 jaar geldig
  • 2014: Certificering Register Loopbaancoach NOLOC – 3 jaar geldig
  • 2010: Training Hoofd BHV
  • 2008: NLP Master Practitioner
  • 2007: NLP Practitioner
  • 2005: PRINCE 2 practitioner
  • 2003: Verzuim is een keus
  • 2003: Enneagram en kernkwaliteiten
  • 2003: GestaltTherapie
  • 2002: Enneagram
  • 2001: Bachelor Human Resource Management – Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • 1999: Management Development Traject – Hoger Management  (Berenschot)
  • 1998: Service Excellence Program – Leiderschapsprogramma (Disney Opleidinsinstituut)
  • 1997: Management Development Traject LIFO – Lager Management
  • 1991: Systeembeheer
  • 1990: NIMA-A, Telefonisch acquisitie
  • 1986: Propedeuse Engelse Taal – en Letterkunde RU Leiden
  • 1984: Colloquium Doctum: Engels, Nederlands, Frans
  • 1984: St. Rose’s High School (VWO) Guyana
Volunteer work

 My way of giving back. See here

Mission and vision

I aim to help you to find your own way of being, doing and telling and going for it.

I believe that by living from the heart (heart power),
is to align your doing with your being (acting power) and and stand for your real story, your truth (word power), you naturally, organically and holistically get a grip on what makes you happy in your life and in your work and to go for it with ‘courage’.


I envision a world in which we listen to each other’s stories without judgment and create (new) collective, human stories.

A world in which we master the power and art to value our stories and to rid them of guilt and shame.

Stories that connect us, take us forward and make us dare, dream and do.

Trustoo reviews

9,6 score  see here

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