You don’t have to go

through this alone

From the moment I was diagnosed I started writing and talking to my friends and family. I am privileged to have a lot of friends who are themselves coaches. Which does not mean that they are all capable of supporting me mentally. I made a point of telling my loved ones what I need. They all supported by showing up, holding space, taking me for walks, sending me cards, text messages, arranging massages for, buying me a cat… Of course this is in the first 6 months. After that everyone settled in to me having this disease and still living and thriving. 


Professional support for the one with cancer

In December not long after my diagnosis I knocked on the door of the Centre for Quality of Life – Centrum Kwaliteit van Leven in the Netherlands in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital. They immediately assigned me a support consultant who has a background in cancer health care. We met once a month online until August 2022. She was a neutral sounding board who made me feel I was on the right path. At least the one meant for me.


Support groups

I joined USA-based  Facebook support group called Leiomyosarcoma Support & Direct Research Foundation. This a private group where I have found a lot of knowledge, love and understanding. Meant for both cancer thrivers as their caregivers. To join use this link.

To be continued.


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