Nature itself is the best medicine


Non toxic tumor therapy

Non-toxic tumor therapy is an adjunct treatment in my case provided by the Preventive Medical Centre in Rotterdam where I am in the care of dr. Trossel.  The advice and treatment given in this therapy are based on scientifically and statistically substantiated treatment protocols. And, before using anything I have researched the science. The treatment consists of:

  1. Dietary advice zie page recipes.
  2. Supplements to improve overall physical immunity condition.
  3. Treatment with vitamins and minerals including vitamin C intravenous infusion.
  4. Treatment with non invasive anti tumor targetted supplements, immune boosters, angiogenes inhibitors and antioxidants.
  5. At least 30 minutes walking every day.
    6. All kinds of tea.
    7. Qi Gong
    8. Acupuncture
    9. Edema Therapy
    10. Magnetic field sauna

All I am currently using is listed below. I have left out the dosage because that has been specifically prescribed for me by Dr. Trossèl from the Preventive Medical Clinic in Rotterdam and some have been advised through RNA testing at RGCC Switzerland.

Vitamin C IV Infusion

If all schedules allow then 2 x week intravenous infusion 45-50 grams.

Meyers Cocktail Infusion

If all schedules allow then 2 x week intravenous infusion.


Since May 2023 I have weekly acupuncture and pressure sessions for my spleen, kidney, liver, pain, sleep and stress. I have been sleeping better. Acubuds are left in my ear for 1 to 2 weeks.

Teas (dried leaves or petals)

*Stinging Nettle Tea is a widely used agent in traditional medicine worldwide. Several formulations have  anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, with anticancer potential. 

*Green tea: Early clinical studies suggest that the polyphenols in tea, especially green tea, may play an important role in the prevention of cancer. Researchers also believe that polyphenols help kill cancerous cells and stop them from growing.

*Rose tea: The main sources of antioxidants in rose tea are polyphenols. Diets rich in polyphenols are thought to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, as well as protect your brain from degenerative disease.

*Peppermint tea to cool my blood.
*Dandelion tea to get rid of water and detox
*Moringa tea as a strong antioxidant and vitality tea


Edema Therapy

Since May 2023 I have a weekly massage of the lymph to help get rid of water retained due to the chemo. 



Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Sea Cucumber
Black seed


Qi Gong

Early morning walk to the park before breakfast and 15 minutes you tube guided Qi Gong to circulate my chi. And meditation. 



Forever Garcinia Plus 1
Zink Picolinaat
Silicium (Fredy)
Vitamin C (AOV) Magnesium Ascorbaat
Meta Relax
Jodium drops
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Collagen powder
Bitter Melon
Omega 3


Oxygen infusion

8 minutes of oxygen infusion.

Aqua Tilis (Magnetic Field Sauna)

This clinic provides therapy using a steam cabin. The walls are a magnetic field that vibrates at the same frequency as your tumor cell. In the cabin, the steam contains herbs, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. It is a cycle of 5 sessions of a half hour. Your body is being detoxed from free radicals and some cancer patients have experienced stability. I started in November 2022. So far so good. I feel invigorated after a session. It is also good for getting rid of exces chemo which nestles in your skin causing neuropathy. It is like a Turkish steam bath. They are situated in Eindhoven


Genetic testing RGCC

Laboratory Process
Isolation of the malignant cells using flow cytometry and negative selection (isolated 4.5 cells/6.5 ml, SD +/- 0.3 cells). The isolated cells were expanded and they were split in two, from which, one part is going to viability assays and the other is going for transcriptomic micro-Arrays.

Isolation of mRNA
Quality control of integrity of mRNA
Reversed transcription of mRNA to cDNA
Hybridisation of cDNA with micro-Arrays all genome transcriptomic micro-Arrays slide
Analysis of the data and detection of repeatable patterns
Normalization and assessment of clinical relevant probes

Artesunaat infusion

An extract from sweet wormwood (qinghao) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for two millenia to treat fevers and a variety of inflammatory conditions. This has been tested on my tumor cells and have proven to be 30% effective.

  • Turkey Tail drops or powder
  • Gacha powder
  • Reishi powder
  • Cordyceps capsules 
  • Agaricus Blazei Murill capsules or powder


Natural remedies I use to help deal with doxorubicine (chemotherapy) side effects
Mouth mucous / sores

Somewhere in the second week of my first chemo round, I started feeling strange bruising in my mouth. Even though I had been brushing and gorgling 4 times a day from day 1. What I did is what I was advised and what I have researched and tried.

Drink luke warm organic Camomille tea the whole day.
Gorgle with one drop of myrrh oil (you can also use tea tree oil) in a small glass of water about 5 times a day.

Brush my teeth with a soft tootbrush and paradontax toothpaste 4 x daily.
No flossing but try to pull water between my teeth or the diluted myrrh oil I gorgle with.
No warm liquids. 

Gorgle directly after eating and then brush one hour after eatig to protect the glaze of your teeth.

Chewing gum helps stimulate saliva. Use sugarfree chewing gum.

They are a lot of other stuff you can do like gorgle with salt water, so if my tips do not work ask around and ask your oncologist.


Hair loss /bald head

Because the doxorubicine almost always causes total hair loss, I decided to cut my my long hair short before my first chemo round. Somewhere around the 15th day my hair started shedding. I was given loads of tips but nothing prevents the hair from falling. Except maybe cold caps with a loss of around 25%. I went for all bald. 

Tips to treat a bald head:

Coconut oil 
Sunscreen 50spf
Nice and soft sleeping beanie


Sore throat

Something to look out for and if you have white spots immediately call your oncologist or doktor. So far I haven’t and the only thing to do is to be patient. Continue following whatever you are doing to deal with mouth sores. My sister made little ice cubes from ginger and rosemary-infused water. Nice to suck on.

Sleeping disorder

oI had a hard time sleeping and would wake up after 2 to 3 hours. Didn’t want to use sleeping pills. What I now do?

Finish eating my last meal at 17:30 hours.
Have my pills, gorgle and brush my teeth.
Watch some movie or talk or read until 19:30 hours.
I shower early so now I just have to change into pyjamas and cool down.
As soon as I start feeling sleepy I can go straight to bed.
No electronics in the room.
I use melathonine 300mg 2 hours before I go te bed.

When in bed I use 4 drops of CBD oil 10 mg under my tongue.



Nose bleed

My nose blood was more mucous blood, clotted blood lodged in my nose. So every time I blew my nose it was blood coming out. It went on for a good while. The only thing I did was oil the inside of my nose with Olive oil.

Sensitive to sounds, smells and stress

Cenrtain smells, high pitched sounds and anything that activates cortisol (my theory) led to nausea.The solution is simple: listen to my body, communicate my wishes and avoid everything that led to nausea.  

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